1.Why two (2) knobs? Wouldn’t some kind of single clamping lever be more convenient?

All accessory trays from Heritage Music Products use our rock solid proven clamping system. This unique design allows clamping to all kind of music stands and mike stands on the market today. This includes standard sizes ranging from 3/4″ up to 1 3/8″ . No need to remove the knobs. Just loosen the knobs and flip the cleat! This system along with the strength of solid hardwood easily holds up to 20 pounds.

The hanger bolts may be extended ( unscrew) up to an additional 1″ for extra wide diameter music/mic stands. Use a vice grip or pliers with a cloth to protect the custom finished bolts.

2. What kind of finish do you use?

Heritage Music Products are finished with an age old multi-stage process. Danish oils are applied by hand followed by two coats of hand rubbed high quality urethane oils. After a thorough drying process the finish is rubbed out with OOOO steel wool and dark finishing wax. This results in a durable water resistant table top finish.

4. Isn’t solid walnut very expensive.

Yes, and Heritage Music Products should last for generations just like the valuable instruments they support.

5. Will Heritage Music Products fit my woodwind instruments?

HMP pegs have been tested with leading professional Clarinet, Oboe, English Horn and Flute brands. If you have an unusual sized bell, custom sizes are available for an addition fee.